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Chateau Rhianfa - Romantic Castle In WalesChateau  

This romantic castle in the wilds of Wales was built in 1849 by Sir John Hay William Baronet of Bodelwyddan and his wife Lady Sarah Hay Williams. The exterior was designed by Lady Sarah who was captivated by the French chateaus she saw on her holidays. It was built to provide a home to Sir John’s wife and daughters after his death before all his other lands were passed on to his younger brother as he had no male heir. The chateau was passed down through the family until it was sold is 1957.

Today it is a five-star luxury hotel featuring top-notch interiors, wine caves, a sunroom, and a number of unique accommodations. The dining experience takes inspiration from the silver service of stalwart institutions such as The Ritz except it all happens in the beauty of Anglesey. Indeed, there are many outdoor activities to keep you occupied, from the fine beaches to sailing and mountaineering in the famous Snowdon National Park.

Chateau Rhianfa
Chateau Rhianfa castle
Chateau Rhianfa front view
Chateau Rhianfa towers
Chateau Rhianfa interior
Chateau Rhianfa antique room
Chateau Rhianfa lounge with large windows
Chateau Rhianfa dining room
Antique dining table
Chateau Rhianfa bar
Chateau Rhianfa pool game
Chateau Rhianfa wine cellar
Chateau Rhianfa room with books
Chateau Rhianfa room with antique bed
Chateau Rhianfa bathroom with views
Chateau Rhianfa bedroom with bathtub
Chateau Rhianfa rounded bed
Chateau Rhianfa bathroom
Chateau Rhianfa terrace
Chateau Rhianfa gardens
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