Columbarium Hotel - The Land Of A Thousand Caves In The Land Of JudeaColumbarium  

Many years ago, in the ancient land of Judea, there lived a people who carved their homes from caves. Today, you can stay in a luxurious version of these cave houses. In ancient times, precious water was funneled into wells and similarly, your room has a glowing well where the healing mineral water is held in stone.

Naturally cool in summer and warm in the winter, the hotel abides by the green philosophy so all the food is deliciously organic. But don’t expect this to be a claustrophobic experience, the most verdant vistas await your eyes as you step onto your balcony and survey the olive groves and vineyards pooling in-between the crags and peaks of the landscape. The hotel specializes in hydrotherapy utilizing its mountain-filtered mineral water but don’t forget that you can also indulge in all the best spa treatments in the privacy of your cave room.

Type: Cave   Eco-Friendly   Spa
Location: Shekef  Israel  Middle East
Columbarium caves

Columbarium cave entry

Columbarium cave hotel

Columbarium cave door

Columbarium cave suite

Columbarium hotel stairs

Columbarium living room

Columbarium fire place

Columbarium room

Cave room

Wine holders in the cave

Columbarium spa pool

Columbarium pool

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