Das Park Hotel - Cozy Concrete PipesDas Park  

Ever wondered what it might be like to live in a sewer pipe? No? Me neither. But the clever people at Das Park Hotel did and now they have opened a hotel where the rooms are made from old sewer pipes. Very green. Or should that be brown?

To be fair, the rooms have been specially designed to give the maximum amount of comfort in the smallest amount of space. It is a revolution in hotel service. In that, there is none. Never again will you be annoyed by having your bed made for you and your toiletries provided in an en suite bathroom.

Here, you get to make your own bed and bring your own toiletries to use in the toilet of the local petrol station - at least you will never run out of toilet paper.

Type: Capsule   Concept   Nature
Location: Bottrop  Germany  West Europe
Photo credit: Dietmar Tollerian
Das Park Hotel

There is a restaurant. It’s a bit of a walk, though – let’s hope it’s not raining or snowing.

Das Park Hotel in the nature

Every summer there is a music festival near the location of the ‘hotel’. So you get to be deafened by loud music and annoyed by hippies as well.

Sleeping in a sewer pipe

Mercifully, the hotel has a ‘pay what you like’ policy. Perfect for those who love the unique and unusual.

Das Park Hotel room
Ebelstraße 25a, 46242 Bottrop, Germany