Elqui Domos – Where The Universe Reveals ItselfElqui  

Where the crystal crags of the Andes meet the Atacama Desert, there is a magical land where the skies are clear 300 days of the year. The annual melting of snow from the mountains feeds a valley more green against the pure blue skies. It is the home to many international observatories and the site of many UFO sightings. It is a center for the healing arts, and it is the home for the Elquis Domas, a unique 'dome hotel'.

The rooms are on two levels, with comfortable ground floor lodgings and a retractable domed roof so you can spend your evenings lost in the stars that hang like ancient dust in the black sky. Elqui Domos's experience comes with an astronomic observatory that will allow you to peer far into space and time, seeing sights usually reserved for astronomers and astronauts. The hotel specializes in night-time activities and organizes midnight walks and horse treks for you to enjoy on silent nights. During the day, there is a restaurant, social area and swimming pool.

Type: Astronomy   Nature   Tent

Elqui Domos is located in a narrow valley stretching between the Andes Mountains.

Elqui Domos in the Atacama desert
Elqui Domos hotel tents

The translucent domes glow at night.

Elqui Domos tents at night
Elqui Domos tent and telescope

Observe the universe through the professional telescopes of Elqui Domos.

Gazing at the stars with the telescope from inside the tent of Elqui Domos
Elqui Domos swimming pool
Elqui Domos pool and the mountains in the background
Elqui Domos giant tent interior
Elqui Domos lounge
Elqui Domos bar
Elqui Domos dome
Elqui Domos tent entrance
Elqui Dome interior
Elqui Domos tent interior
Looking out from Elqui dome on a Chilean girl in bikini
Wooden design houses of Elqui Domos
Elqui Domos wooden houses
Elqui Domos wooden building

The wooden cabin's upward-facing windows let plenty of light inside the living room.

Elqui Domos building interior
Sleeping under the stars, room with window to the sky

If it gets too warm, natural window shades block the sunlight.

Elqui Domos wooden house room
Elqui Domos terrace
Elqui Domos wooden houses at night
Camino Publico Pisco Elqui Horcon Km. 3,5 Sector Los Nichos s/n, Paihuano, Region de Coquimbo, Chile