Emerson On Hurumzi - Heritage Boutique Hotel In Stone TownEmerson  
on Hurumzi

When coming to Stone Town, a UNESCO site famous for virtually intact architectural heritage, it only makes sense to fully immerse yourself in the experience by staying in one of those historic buildings. Emerson on Hurumzi, housed in a property with a rich history, is the perfect candidate for the job.

The building was erected in the 1870s for a powerful Zanzibari merchant Sir Tharia Topan. It later came into possession of the Archbishop of Zanzibar and proceeded to change owners a few more times before it was eventually restored as a boutique hotel.

Retaining many of the original elements, Emerson on Hurumzi will take you back in time to the 19th-century trading hub that Stone Town once was. The intricate lace-like woodwork, rich fabrics, and colonial-style furniture won’t let you forget that you’re staying in a former mansion of a wealthy merchant family. If you’re looking for the best view in town, pick the Keep Suite or Suite Tour. Both have outdoor terraces where you can relax on a pile of pillows and marvel at the panorama.

The rooftop Tea House restaurant also delivers powerfully on the views front, so don’t miss a sundowner here. The cuisine is inspired by Persian and Omani dishes reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the town. Most nights, traditional music is played.

Location: Zanzibar  Tanzania  Africa
Emerson on Hurumzi Building

Emerson on Hurumzi Sunlit Interior

Emerson on Hurumzi Tea House Restaurant

Emerson on Hurumzi Tea Ceremony

Emerson on Hurumzi Tea And Lamps

Emerson on Hurumzi Living Room

Emerson on Hurumzi Blue Room

Blue Room

Emerson on Hurumzi Rose Room

Rose Room

Emerson on Hurumzi Seyyed Room

Seyyed Room

Emerson on Hurumzi Suite Tour

Suite Tour

Emerson on Hurumzi Rooftop Terrace

Emerson on Hurumzi Rooftop Terrace Overlooking Stone Town In Zanzibar

Emerson on Hurumzi Private Turret Rooftop Terrace