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Vintage Trailers

The Vintage Trailor is one of a range of accommodation in the Sierra National Forest provided by the Far Meadow organization. As iconic as the VW Camper Van and as American as Mount Rushmore, the Silver Streak trailer was first manufactured in the 1950s and has gone through many redesigns in its history.

This one is circa the 1970s and is beautifully restored. Due to the complexity of the design and the discontinuation of the Silver Streak series, it is difficult to find people who really know how to repair and maintain these old beasts in their full glory; so it is quite a treat to be able to stay in one as faithfully restored like this. The trailer is moved around the ‘Far Meadow’ in the Sierra Forrest and can be parked nearby other accommodation to provide extra lodging for large groups or it can be moved to a more discreet area for private couples. The trailer is 30ft long and contains all the conveniences you need for a comfortable stay in this Californian woodland paradise.

Far Meadow – Vintage Trailer
Saturn Vintage Trailer
Far Meadow – Vintage Trailer interior
Vintage Trailer interior
Trailer table
Vintage trailer kitchen
Blue vintage trailer and log cabins
Blue vintage trailer
Blue vintage trailer door
Inside the vintage trailer
Vintage trailer living room
Vintage trailer terrace
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