Glamping Sandat - Back To Nature, Just Like LemmingsGlamping  

“Glamping” is an unfortunate portmanteau combining the words “glamorous” and “camping” the idea being that you get all the joys of camping with none of its rigors. And boy, do you get just that and more at Sandat Glamping.

There is a range of accommodations. Stay in a lumbung – the traditional rice barns that, according to Wikipedia, “are the pride of Sasak vernacular architecture”. At Sandat the lumbung have each been luxuriously appointed with handcrafted furniture and canopy beds. The elegant suite tents are reminiscent of colonial Safari Tents and have chandeliers, Venetian-style mirrors, and crystals of the abatjour.

All the structures have zero environmental impact and are designed to harmonize with the natural environment, there are no TVs or phones to distract you from nature. Instead, spend your time like Robinson Crusoe (albeit as less strenuous version) hiking, cycling and exploring the mountains. Learn about the local culture and try the amazing food. Whatever you do you will love to return to this peaceful haven at the end of the day.

Type: Luxury   Nature   Tent
Location: Ubud  Indonesia  Oceania
Glamping Sandat luxurious camping
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Glamping Sandat tents at night
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Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia