Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli - Gorgeous 19th-Century Villa On Lake GardaVilla  

Two hours from Milan and Venice, you’ll find the Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli, built in 1892 on the western shore of Lake Garda (Italy’s largest lake)! A short walk from the center of the small town of Gargnano, this elegant peach-colored hotel in a neo-Gothic villa is a bit of a misnomer. While beautiful indeed (it does look like a dollhouse!), it is not over-the-top formal or flashy in any way. The decor, rather, includes wood paneling, stained glass windows, and beautiful murals peppered throughout.

The twenty sophisticated, old-world rooms and suites are all uniquely decorated to make guests feel comfortably pampered. Bathrooms offer heated marble floors, and Venetian mirrors and chandeliers can also be found in some rooms.

The Grand Hotel restaurant focuses on the simplest ingredients, as most Italian restaurants do. Dishes are presented in an uncomplicated manner, with authentic Italian flavors at the heart of every plate. Travelers can enjoy the luxury of eating at any time, anywhere, such as in the wine cellar or in the garden, as well as in the more formal dining room, which offers stunning views of the lake.

Old lemon-houses, olive groves, and Italian gardens make up the surroundings of this hotel. Guests can relax in the swimming pool, enjoy a homemade ice cream or go for an excursion to various lakeside sights. Staff at the Grand Hotel are eager to help guests in any way. Lanterns light the paths surrounding the hotel, making it the perfect spot to stroll along and unwind after a day of relaxation and/or adventure!

With an overall feel of a private residence, offering services like complimentary laundry, unpacking service, and a pantry stocked with endless beverages and snacks, the Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli is a wonderful Italian escape.

Type: Luxury   Villa
Location: Gargnano  Italy  West Europe
Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli entrance

Villa Feltrinelli hall

Villa Feltrinelli salon

Villa Feltrinelli restaurant

Villa Feltrinelli room

Villa Feltrinelli guest room

Villa Feltrinelli swimming pool

Villa Feltrinelli garden

Parco dell'Alto Garda Bresciano, Via Rimembranza, 38, 25084 Gargnano BS, Italy