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In the smallest Baltic state, post-Soviet development has seen a dramatic pace. Estonia's prosperity fueled by technocracy made into the most digitally advanced country in the world. This thriving for modernity trickles down to architecture as well. Creative minds have turned an abandoned tsarist-era railway depot upside down and made it into a contemporary piece of art that doubles as a hotel. Where else could this take place than the creative center of Tallinn, Telliskivi.

Rooms are out of the ordinary, too; they are made of re-purposed sea containers. In the name of eco-consciousness traditional hotel practices and equipment have been changed for the better. The comfy cotton sheets in your room have an eco-label, and they are washed according to Green Key conditions. No more single-use products in the shower either. They were replaced by an all-in-one body wash product that's made locally, of course. The container rooms have been smartly planned to fit all the comforts within the standard 14m2 size space these shipping storage units provide.

Estonia's dedication to digitalization and the modern way of life is, of course, noticeable here as well. There is a co-working space to send your emails in a good company and a co-cooking kitchen where you can share the food you cooked. If you don't feel like cooking, the neighborhood is packed with the hippest bars and restaurants. Another cool feature is the Harmony room which is dedicated to meditation, yoga, and brainstorming. Looking for insider tips? The lovely people at Hektor Hotel claim to know better than TripAdvisor, and they will direct you to all the secret places of Tallinn. Brilliant!

Type: Industrial
Location: Tallinn  Estonia  East Europe
Hektor Container Hotel Building In Tallinn
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Hektor Container Hotel Bar
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Harmony Room

Hektor Container Hotel Harmony Room For Yoga & Meditation
Hektor Container Hotel Corridor
Hektor Container Hotel Containers
Hektor Container Hotel Container Room From The Outside
Hektor Container Hotel Container Room Bedroom
Hektor Container Hotel Container Room
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Telliskivi 62, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia