Air Castle - Sky High Container TowerAir Castle  

Unique homes are spreading like wildfire, with each new creation being wilder and more quirky than before. Steve and Nancy, a creative couple from Dallas, dreamed up a new concept for short-term rental.

The idea came from a sweet childhood story. Steve's grandfather asked his daydreaming son if he would be an engineer building air castles.

And as Steve and his father both became engineers, it was just a matter of time before words translated into action.

Type: Industrial   Nature
Location: Ladonia  USA  North America

Container Tower

The impressive structure is located in the greenery of Ladonia, Texas - a tiny town with a population of only 612.

I can hear you asking, "treehouse from containers?" Well, yes. The air castle's structure resembles a treehouse extending vertically, but it's made of metal containers.

Air Castle in Ladonia, Texas

The solid structure has a concrete foundation with shipping containers stacked on top of each other like pieces of Lego elements - which is probably another childhood memory.

Air Castle container tower

The 40-foot (12 meters) tower is topped by a double-decker rooftop terrace stretching to 50 feet (15 meters). The panoramic rooftop is connected to the main building by an external spiral staircase.

The cantilevering containers are where Steve and his team created the communal spaces.

Air Castle industrial tower

Cranes lifted the prefabricated containers to their final places.

After two years of construction, a one-of-a-kind rental tower was ready to welcome guests.

Air Castle rental home

Luckily, not all attention went into the exterior design. As a result, the interior is similarly impressive.

The industrial design exterior is contrasted by a farmhouse-style interior that uses repurposed materials. Some of the decorative wood is over 300 years old.

Air Castle living room

The main entrance door is styled to look like it belonged to a castle.

Air Castle communal space

The kitchen is homey, and it's fully stocked with whatever you would need for a getaway. Even the kitchen has a balcony - one of six in the house.

Air Castle kitchen

The living room opens to an outdoor porch with a hot tub overlooking the beautiful nature of Ladonia from the canopy level. The bird and squirrel feed brings the animals closer.

Air Castle porch with a hot tub

The custom-made bathroom is on the same floor as the living room, and it has a beautiful black walnut countertop and a luxurious shower with multiple shower heads.

There are two bedrooms—one below the living room level and one above.

Air Castle bathroom

The staircase that runs through the whole building has a clever design incorporating differently colored steps, so you wouldn't crash while you try to find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Air Castle staircase

The top bedroom is named after the owner's favorite squirrel, and his photos decorate it. The queen-sized bed has a window above it where you can gaze at the stars on a clear night.

Air Castle bedroom

The rooftop terrace offers a fresh breeze and shade on hot summer days, and it has a view above the top of the trees.

Air Castle rooftop terrace

There is an outdoor grilling space protected from the sun and stocked with wood.

Air Castle outdoor grilling space