Accommodation types: Trailer
Location: Berlin  Germany  West Europe
Hüttenpalast - Indoor Caravans In BerlinHüttenpalast  

What was once a boring, hum-drum vacuum cleaner factory in Berlin has been revived and reimagined as the Hüttenpalast Caravan Hotel Berlin. The hotel is centrally located in Berlin in the trendy artistic area of Kreuzkölln between the districts of Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

The hotel sets itself apart by offering creatively designed accommodations. You can spend your vacation here sleeping on an old caravan or a wooden hut that provides you with a feeling of summer nostalgia. There are also 6 suites with private bathrooms and carefully restored classic factory architecture and windows to bathe your room with natural light.

The Hüttenpalast Caravan Hotel Berlin also offers a great outdoor garden area and lounge areas where guests are free to interact with each other. Its central location in Kreuzkölln put it within 5-10 minutes or walking to a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and cafes.

If you want to explore Berlin a bit more, a short walk will also get you to the Hermannplatz Underground Station where you can take the U8 line to Alexanderplatz, the heart of Berlin. You can also take a stroll around the famous Landwehr Canal, which is close by.

Café Raum
Café Raum garden
Hüttenpalast hotel interior
Hüttenpalast living room with the caravans
Hüttenpalast Berghütte
Dubener Ei Caravan
Dubener Ei Caravan interior
Friedel caravan
Friedel caravan room
Herzensbrecher interior
Kleine Schwester caravan
Kleine Schwester caravan interior
Nomad caravan
Nomad caravan interior
Puck caravan
Puck caravan interior
Schneewittchen caravan
Schneewittchen caravan interior
Turtle wooden hut
Turtle wooden hut interior
Hobrechtstraße 65-66, 12047 Berlin, Germany
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