Iglu Dorf – Take A Chill PillIglu  

Built from 3000 tonnes of snow in different locations around Switzerland, Germany and Andorra the igloo hotels feature top-notch ice artistry and a variety of rooms all made from glistening ice and snow.

There are family and romantic options. The romantic rooms come with ice-carved tables, champagne, and mood lighting. The rooms are equipped with specialist sleeping bags so you remain warm. You can relax in a sauna (in Gstaad and in Davos-Klosters) and open-air whirlpool at 2620m above sea level and admire ice carvings created by international artists. The hotel was created by a snowboarder, Adrian Gunter who used to build himself little igloos to sleep in so he didn’t have to travel back and forth from the best snowboarding slopes. The shelters worked so well, he began building more and eventually opened them as a hotel.

To create the igloos a huge inflatable balloon is blown up and covered with snow, the snow freezes, and the balloon is removed creating a solid structure around which the outing of the hotel is made and snow and ice-carvers decorate the interior.

Type: Ice   Mountain
Iglu Dorf in Zermatt
Iglu Dorf living room
Iglu Dorf ice bar
Ice bar
Iglu Dorf restaurant
Barbecue on ice
Iglu Dorf table
Iglu Dorf engagement room
Iglu Dorf ice sculpture fun
Small girl posing with an ice sculpture
Faces carved from ice
Iglu Dorf ice corridors
Hot Igloo exterior
Iglu Dorf Hot Igloo
Iglu Dorf Hot Igloo interior
People in the Hot Igloo
Entrance to the igloo at Iglu Dorf
Iglu Dorf romantic suite
Iglu Dorf romantic igloo interior
Iglu Dorf romantic igloo
Romantic igloo with couple
Self-made igloo exterior at night
Ice cinema
Ice chapel at Iglu Dorf
Entrance to the jacuzzi from the ice corridor
Ice jacuzzi
People drinking champagne in the jacuzzi
6390 Engelberg, Switzerland