La Bobadilla - Andalusian Palace Resort Set Amongst Green Olive FieldsLa Bobadilla  

La Bobadilla’s tagline is ‘royal hideaway hotel’, and for a good reason. Set on a large country estate amongst the beautiful Andalusian mountains, this is definitely the right place for travelers who want to enjoy some quiet moments away from the big city. Of course, a hotel in a secluded location might sound like a lot of hassle to get to, but it’s actually only a 40-minute drive away from Malaga Airport - conveniently remote, you might say.

The style of La Bobadilla combines the rustic charm of an old country estate and Moorish inspirations, which makes for a very decadent combination. The reception hall features palace-like marble columns and high arches, and the entire hotel is full of lovely little gems like hidden fountains or quiet courtyards. The rooms all vary in size and interior design, so there’s an element of surprise here. However, if you’re aiming for the best in the house, book the Alhambra Junior Room with a hot tub and a panoramic view terrace.

So what does one do in a secluded hideaway? Hiking, cycling, and horse (or pony) riding are all well provided at La Bobadilla, with good amenities and several picturesque tracks around. There’s an impressive 1000m² swimming pool and a huge garden area with daybeds and loungers on the grounds. Finally, there are four restaurants at the hotel serving a mix of regional and international cuisine. A pretty good place to take things slow and enjoy relaxation!

La Bobadilla aerial
La Bobadilla rooftops
La Bobadilla facade at night
La Bobadilla royal lounge
La Bobadilla living room
La Bobadilla room with garden
La Bobadilla traditional Andalusian room
La Bobadilla room with balcony
La Bobadilla balcony
La Bobadilla girl looks out on the nature
La Bobadilla indoor pool
La Bobadilla jacuzzis
La Bobadilla romantic jacuzzi
La Bobadilla rooftop patio
La Bobadilla rooftop dining
Finca La Bobadilla Carretera Salinas-Villanueva de Tapia (A-333), Km. 65,5, 18300 Loja, Granada, Spain