Reddingsboot Harlingen Boat - Decommissioned Lifeboat HotelLifeboat  

Unusually for a decommissioned lifeboat hotel (wow, I’ve talked about so many unique hotels that this phrase doesn’t even seem strange), this one is still functioning. You can hire a captain to take you, your partner, and your whole hotel out into the open sea. Now that sounds fun!

This lifeboat saw active service for over 30 years as part of England’s royal coastguard. It performed 105 rescue operations and saved 45 people from drowning. It was saved itself from the scrap yard by a Dutch lifeboat enthusiast who restored it and moored it in Harlingen Harbor. Now it will rescue you from mundane hotels. You will find two cabins below the deck which are divided into a sitting room and bedroom. You can fix yourself a breakfast using catering facilities located in the cockpit. There are plenty of local restaurants and sauna for you to visit and the Hannema museum to explore. Wonderful.

Type: Boat
Lifeboat Hotel docked in Harlingen

Lifeboat Hotel on the open sea

Lifeboat Hotel on the sea

Lifeboat Hotel on the sea in rain


Lifeboat Hotel interior

Lifeboat Hotel bedroom

Lifeboat Hotel cabin

Lifeboat Hotel bathroom

Lifeboat Hotel DVD's on the bed

Lifeboat Hotel stairs leading to the room

Lifeboat Hotel bathroom

Havenweg 1, Harlingen, Netherlands