Manoir De Lébioles - Small Versailles Of The ArdennesManoir  
de Lébioles

This high society mansion was finished in 1910 and for much of the last century was home to the Dresse family who used it to host elegant events including plays by the national theatre of Belgium, hunts, concerts, and balls. In 1999 it was sold to developers who sought to impose a new high-concept hotel design on the old building. They failed but their botched attempts were put right by new owners and the building was then re-opened.

Located in the town of Spa in Belgium, the old mineral-rich springs flow here like the spirit of the townsfolk - the stalwart women and men who will smile at you as you explore this “pearl of the Ardennes”. Your room is individually designed, some have an open fireplace, and others have a tower bathing room or views of the fairytale garden. The restaurant is run by Olivier Tucki – a renowned chef who has put together a high-quality and creative menu.

Type: Luxury   Palace   Spa
Location: Spa  Belgium  West Europe
Manoir de Lébioles facade
Manoir de Lébioles garden
Manoir de Lébioles salon
Manoir de Lébioles antique furniture
Manoir de Lébioles dining
Exclusive food
Manoir de Lébioles chamber
Manoir de Lébioles room
Manoir de Lébioles suite
Manoir de Lébioles sauna
Manoir de Lébioles pool
Domaine de Lébioles 1/5, 4900 Spa (Creppe), Belgium