MeetMe23 - Bonkers Ho(?)tel Design In PragueMeetMe23  

To be, or not to be? Or rather, the question here is, to sleep in a hotel or a hostel? That's the concept behind MeetMe23´s ho(?)tel wordplay. And the answer is most likely depending on your budget and how much privacy you would prefer to have for your awesome stay in one of the prettiest cities in the whole of Europe; Prague. The hotel/hostel is located at the edge of the famed old town, next to a Line C metro station and the unpronounceable Vrchlického Sady park. A classic neo-renaissance building facade will look all so familiar when you arrive here, but shortly you will realize things are not so much as they seem.

Unconventionalism strikes as soon as you enter the reception. Rusty vintage car hanging from the wall while a 3D printer is busy creating the next contemporary artwork. A life-size plastic blue man is waiting in the elevator, casually freaking you out if you happen to be slightly intoxicated after gulping a few pints of the good old Czech beer. The rooms are plastered with a giant-sized map of the Prague metro system, making sure you won't get lost.

Meat Beer is the on-site restaurant, and while the name gives more than hints about what's on offer, it's nowhere near as basic looking as you would imagine. Instead, trendy tiles, bricks, and cool bits of industrial design elevate it to another level of dining compared to your typical goulash with knedliky (bread dumplings) places.

If you play MeetMe23's escape game, you might win a beer at the bar. Also, bike hire is available; just make sure you can still ride in a straight line!

A classic neo-renaissance building facade of the Hotel MeetMe23

MeetMe23 Stair With A Blue Man

MeetMe23 Virtual Reception

Virtual Receptionist

MeetMe23 Hotel Virtual Receptionist

MeetMe23 Reception

MeetMe23 Reception With A Vintage Car Hanging From The Wall

MeetMe23 3D Printer

MeetMe23 Reception Area

MeetMe23 Elevator

MeetMe23 Elevator With A Giant 3D Printed Blue Man

MeetMe23 Staircase

MeetMe23 LoveStory Projection On The Wall

MeetMe23 Library

MeetMe23 Breakfast Area

MeetMe23 Play Room

Play Room

MeetMe23 Meat Beer Restaurant

Meat Beer

MeetMe23 Mezzanine Room

MeetMe23 Room With Prague Metro Line Map

MeetMe23 Design Double Room

MeetMe23 Attic Apartment

23, Washingtonova 1568, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha, Czechia