Quinta Real Zacatecas - Indelible ExperienceQuinta Real  

This hotel is built into the historic San Pedro bullring which was constructed in the 19th Century and saw its last bullfight in 1975. The lobby, the restaurant are all built into the original colonial design. Your room overlooks the main plaza where the smell of warm stone and moss fills the vibrant air above the heads of happy diners. Your bed is recessed under a stone arch which makes for a dramatic and exciting experience.

There is something magical about buildings with a lot of history especially when they are made of stone. It is as if the stone walls have had the leisure to soak the human experiences and events that make up the social history that surrounds them and when you are able to stay in such a structure, adjusting yourself to its pace and expanding yourself into its air, that you can truly appreciate the history of such a place.

Type: Villa
Quinta Real Zacatecas entrance
Quinta Real Zacatecas fountain
Quinta Real Zacatecas patio
Quinta Real Zacatecas patio at night
Quinta Real Zacatecas
Quinta Real Zacatecas restaurant
Quinta Real Zacatecas hotel dining
Quinta Real Zacatecas hotel room
Quinta Real Zacatecas room
Avenida Ignacio RayĆ³n 434, Centro, 98000 Zacatecas, Mexico