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TheKrane Coppenhagen - One-Room Hotel In A Restored Crane In CopenhagenTheKrane  

Usually, when you think of industrial machines and docks, your mind doesn't rush to the luxury hospitality market. Yet, that is exactly what the Krane is. What used to be an industrial coal crane in the Copenhagen harbor is now a luxury two-person retreat. Yes, you read that right: a one-room, two-person hotel!

Built in 1944, the hotel consists of a living room, a separate spa and sauna, and a conference room with a 360-degree view. Balanced 15 meters above the ground, The Krane’s aesthetic is the epitome of elegant Nordic minimalism. As the architect notes, there are “hundreds of different shades of black” here: from floors to custom-built furniture.

The spa also keeps with the industrial aesthetic, having been converted from a shipping container. Despite the sleek design, the interiors don’t feel soulless and cold. In line with the cozy Hygge aesthetic, there is polished stone and wood and numerous candles, and an abundance of soft merino blankets.

Thrown in are so many perks that they can be hard to keep track of. Guests enjoy the complimentary use of a brand-new BMW i3 electric car and two bicycles (if you want to commute as the locals do!), free airport pickup, breakfast, and a personally picked selection of wines and bubbles to enjoy with that stunning view of the city. The location is not to be underestimated. The Krane offers you perfect peace and quiet while being only 15 minutes away by bike from the historic Nyhavn!

TheKrane hotel in Nordhavnen harbour in Copenhagen
TheKrane UNION sign on the top structure of the crane
TheKrane entrance to the top
TheKrane wooden interior
TheKrane sea view dining
TheKrane interior Copenhagen panorama
TheKrane meeting room
TheKrane bedroom
TheKrane bedroom view
TheKrane bathroom with two bathtubs and panoramic windows
TheKrane bathroom with a woman
TheKrane outdoor terrace
TheKrane terrace aerial view
TheKrane and kayak on the water
2150 Copenhagen, Denmark
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