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Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is only accessible by a small seaplane. This is the first crucial piece of information, painting a picture of a place unlike anything else. Remote is an understatement. The de Havilland Beaver airplanes stationed in Anchorage take a 40-minute trip to fly guests to this Alaskan wilderness.

After landing on the water, they'll introduce you to your room in the Main Lodge or one of the private handcrafted log cabins scattered around Judd Lake. If you stay in the main lodge, you will have access to the lakeside bar and the outdoor (but covered with a roof!) copper hot tub and a sauna. After a steamy session, you can plunge straight into the pristine waters of the lake and take in the breathtaking panorama of the Alaska Range. The separated cabins also have quirky perks; a wood-fired hot tub, massage services, a world-class chef just for you, or the fully stocked bar with a top-class wine list. Just go easy on it, as you might miss the best bits of this Alaskan adventure!

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge's core element is the peaceful environment, wholly detached from the outside civilization. But the natural highlights are the adventures that are waiting for you here. The lodge has its own eFoil electric surfboards for a crazy ride on the lake. They also have a fleet of aircraft, including helicopters that can take you even deeper into the wild landscapes of Alaska. One of their iconic trips is a helicopter ride to the rocky mountains at 4,000 feet above sea level. This is the starting point for a 900 vertical feet ascent on an iron path using carabiners to climb. You will be rewarded with absolutely stunning views of the Triumvirate Glacier and the Tordrillo Mountains at the peak.

Type: Nature   Remote
Location: Skwentna  USA  North America
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Judd Lake Panorama
de Havilland Beaver airplane landing on Judd Lake
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Pier
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Wooden Log Cabins
Tordrillo Mountain Hotel Main Lodge
Tordrillo Mountain Hotel Main Lodge Living Room
Tordrillo Mountain Hotel Main Lodge Room
Tordrillo Mountain Hotel Main Lodge Dining Room
Tordrillo Mountain Cabin
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Outdoor Hot Tub
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Lakeside Bar
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Lakeside Sofa
Judd Lake Sunset
Judd Lake Sunrise
Judd Lake Electric Surfing
Judd Lake Salmons
Fat Biking In The Alaska Range
Alaskan Wilderness With Plants And Glaciers
Triumvirate Glacier
Tordrillo Mountain Waterfall
Tordrillo Mountain Lake Swim
Tordrillo Mountain Hike
Tordrillo Mountain Panorama
Tordrillo Mountain Bears
Tordrillo Mountain Iron Path Climb
Tordrillo Mountain Iron Path
Tordrillo Mountain Wilderness
#1, Skwentna, AK 99667, United States