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The Turbine Hotel and Spa is a premier hotel situated on Thesen Island in Knysna, South Africa, often considered among the most prestigious locales of the Garden Route. This picturesque boutique was once a power station, but it has been meticulously renovated in a luxury hotel integrating the old machinery into the aesthetic and energy-saving design. The creative repurposing of the original elements of the building and other energy-saving policies have made the Turbine Hotel and Spa a paragon of Knysna’s heritage and environmental sustainability.

There are 23 rooms and 3 suites that are tastefully decorated, featuring beautiful artwork, parquet floors, and natural light. Since the hotel is surrounded by water on three sides, there are ample views, including the common areas. Guests can enjoy panoramic views while dining at the Island Café, savoring oysters and champagne in the lounge, or while taking a refreshing dip in the rim-flow pool overlooking the canal. The Amani Spa also offers various services so you can indulge your sense with a relaxing massage or spa treatment.

From the Turbine Hotel and Spa, guests can easily venture out to try any number of water sports, hiking and biking tours, sunset cruises on the lagoon, or whale watching at certain times of the year. All guests are sure to have a marvelous and truly unique experience while visiting Knysna.

Type: Industrial
Location: Knysna  South Africa  Africa
Turbine Hotel & Spa building
Turbine Hotel & Spa entrance
Turbine Hotel & Spa check-in
Turbine Hotel & Spa See-Through Floor
Turbine Hotel & Spa Restaurant
Turbine Hotel & Spa Industrial Interior
Turbine Hotel & Spa Industrial Design
Turbine Hotel & Spa Bar
Turbine Hotel & Spa Staircase
Turbine Hotel & Spa Room
Turbine Hotel & Spa Suite
Turbine Hotel & Spa Balcony
Turbine Hotel & Spa View on the Pool and the Bay
Turbine Hotel & Spa Pool
Breakfast at the Pool at Turbine Hotel & Spa
Turbine Hotel & Spa Terrace
Kayaking on Thesen Island in Knysna
36 Sawtooth Lane, Thesen Island, Knysna, 6570, South Africa