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Hong Kong

Famous for its brouhaha and rambunctious design, the W Hotel chain brings its funky flavors to swanky Hong Kong. Their rooftop pool is called “wet”. How cool is that?

There, you can swim and gaze at the skyline of Hong Kong with its skyscrapers standing like giant kings of industry.

There are 393 rooms, many with unique features, from the Wonderful Room with city views to the WOW suite, described by the hotel website as “the perfect synergy of design and comfort”.

In addition, the spa has VIP double treatment rooms, Jacuzzi, a sauna, a steam room, and a gym.

Business is welcome here, and there are ten large meeting rooms, so make sure to bring your presentation and laser pointer.

The marvelous thing about this hotel is the Whatever/Whenever Service which will get you whatever you want at any time, from a helicopter ride to a tailor-made suit, but no illegal stuff.

So stay here and be wowed by the W Hotel!

Type: Luxury   Skyscraper   Spa

The Cullinan Towers, Hong Kong

The W Hong Kong is housed in one of the two 885.8 feet (270 meters) tall Cullinan towers at the Kowloon waterfront.

It received its name from the world's biggest rough diamond, found in 1905, the Cullinan Diamond. The Cullinan is Hong Kong's tallest residential tower and has 68 floors.

Apart from W hotel, the glass facade building complex is home to some of the world's most expensive penthouse apartments.

W Hotel Hong Kong skyscraper

One of the quirky services of W Hong Kong is the local phone they provide during your stay so that you can make and receive national calls.

It's handy considering how troublesome it can be to use your foreign phone in Chinese territories.

W Hotel Hong Kong Audi Q7 fleet

Right from the moment you step inside, W Hong Kong impresses with its monumental heights and extravagant design details, which are W hotels' trademark.

W Hotel Hong Kong public area entrance

The 3D "W" letters proudly take up space throughout the hotel's premises.

W Hotel Hong Kong foyer with huge W sign
W Hotel Hong Kong public area living room
W Hotel Hong Kong living room

The reception's "whatever" sign is not a showcase of the staff's rude attitude but rather their willingness to do "whatever" they can. A strange choice of wording, so don't get offended!

W Hotel Hong Kong welcome desk



Woobar's chic and elite VIP room is a unique place to have a crafted cocktail.


Enjoy a filling and delicious breakfast with a panoramic view of Victoria Harbor. The "Kitchen" is an open-style restaurant where chefs cook right before you.

W Hotel Hong Kong main dining at sunset

Head to Sing Yin Restaurant if you crave traditional Cantonese cuisine and breathtakingly beautiful views through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The restaurant brings the flavors of old Hong Kong - something authentic that everyone should try.

Sing Yin Restaurant

Even the corridors at W Hong Kong are unlike anything you have seen in typical hotels.

W Hotel Hong Kong corridor

The corner rooms offer panoramic views of Hong Kong's distant skyline and the skyscrapers in Kowloon.

W Hotel Hong Kong corner room

Extreme Wow Suite

W Hong Kong's boldest and most extravagant suite spreads on 2,152 square feet (200 square meters), or like the size of a typical house ordinary people call their home.

Ewow suite bedroom

The suite has separate dining and living rooms, two bathrooms, and a king-size bedroom overlooking Victoria Harbor. The bathroom is equipped with a whirlpool, obviously.

Wow suite living room
Wow suite bedroom
Extreme wow suite

The view from the Extreme Wow Suite's bathroom is mesmerizing.

Extreme wow suite bathroom

The bathtub in the Bliss R Spa has a magnificent panorama of Hong Kong.

Bliss R Spa bathtub with Hong Kong panorama

The W Hong Kong's vitality spa pool has mood lights and mind-blowing city views.

Vitality pool at night with Hong Kong panorama

Even the treadmills in the gym have panoramic Hong Kong views.

Gym with Hong Kong panorama

The glass-edged outdoor pool and sun terrace on the 72nd floor is the highlight of W Hong Kong.

Wet R Deck jacuzzi with Hong Kong views

There is a poolside bar called the WooBar with refreshing W-style cocktails.

WET R Swimming pool
WET R Swimming pool at night
WET R Swimming pool with Hong Kong panorama

The rooftop WET® pool's wall becomes a live wall art installation at night.

WET R Swimming pool pink wall
WET R Swimming pool from the outside
WET R Swimming pool on top of the W Hotel

The views are majestic from the rooftop. The pool terrace has a panorama of Hong Kong's skyline and the Victoria Harbor.

Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon West, Hong Kong, Hong Kong