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Art Hotel

The 12 Decades Hotel is a truly distinctive lodging that transports you through Johannesburg’s vibrant and sometimes turbulent history. Situated in the up-and-coming Maboneng Precinct, this innovative hotel reflects the colorful personality that attracts many people to this newly developed hub.

Each of the 16 rooms has a unique theme chronicling the city’s history from 1886-2006. Each room was specifically designed to reflect the most important events of each decade, with the conceptual design created by a few of South Africa’s most eminent artists. In addition to the avant-garde design, each room also includes other conveniences for international travelers, including kitchenettes, workstations, and international power adaptors.

The 12 Decades Hotel is the perfect complement of function and style. Its convenient location provides easy access to all the entertainment and dining venues of the Maboneng Precinct. So whether you are craving Mediterranean cuisine, Ethiopian dishes, sushi, street food, or a quiet place to enjoy a cup of coffee, the neighborhood concierge is more than happy to offer suggestions. If you seek to unwind during your stay, the Cocoon Spa is right next door and offers a variety of relaxation and healing treatments. You can also fit in a quick workout or boxing class at the Rooftop Boxing Gym.

If you are looking for an alternative hotel that offers more than traditional luxury and amenities, then the 12 Decades Hotel is the perfect introduction to the urban culture, colorful history, and fine cuisine of Johannesburg.

Type: Design
Maboneng district street at night in Johannesburg
12 Decades Art Hotel entrance
12 Decades Art Hotel lobby

Vision- Main Street Life

1886- 1896, designed by Marcus Neustetter & Jonathan Liebmann

Vision- Main Street Life room

This is the House that Jack built

1906-1916, designed by Kim Stern

This is the House that Jack built room


1926-1936, designed by Robyn Symes & Pierre Crocquet

Marabi room

A part love A part hate

1946-1956, designed by Love Jozi

A part love A part hate room

Perpetual Liberty

1996-2006, designed by Enrico Daffonchio

Perpetual Liberty room
286 Fox St, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa