Amangiri Villas - Paleolithic Skyscrapers In A Constellation-Swirled SkyAmangiri  

‘The canyon wilderness, the hoodoo land of spire and pillar and pinnacle where no man lives’ is how transcendental anarchist author Edward Abbey described the landscape where Amangiri Villas sit; their sandstone walls blending perfectly into the desert setting. The architecture is simple and modern, with large glass windows drawing the eye to the boiling pink clouds which flow over visceral crags and rock formations.

The central pool yields around an enormous rock funneled down from the mountainside. There are king-sized sun loungers and a fire-warmed courtyard. The unique rock formations will call all you mountain climbers, while others may enjoy a restful sail through the skies in a hot air balloon. In addition, you can do mountain biking, trekking, exploring the region in the day, and marvel at space by night by going on a special star-gazing tour.

Also nearby are the 200 mile-long Lake Powell and paleontological scientific research stations. Solar and geothermal energy powers the hotel, and the architecture is designed around the trajectory of the sun to give you maximum comfort in your villa, whatever the time of day.

Type: Desert   Luxury   Nature
Location: Kanab  USA  North America
Amangiri Villas in the desert in front of the rock walls

Amangiri Villas exterior detail

Amangiri Villas restaurant with swimming pool view

Amangiri Villas restaurant

Amangiri Villas common room with fireplaces

Amangiri Villas room with private balcony

Amangiri Villas room

Amangiri Villas bathroom

Amangiri Villas bathroom with view to the desert

Amangiri Villas room balcony with terrace

Balcony to the desert

Amangiri Villas yoga class

Amangiri Villas massage

Amangiri Villas terrace with fireplace

Amangiri Villas terrace with view to the desert

Amangiri Villas jacuzzi at night

Amangiri Villas jacuzzi

Amangiri Villas swimming pool

Utah desert

Bryce Canyon National Park rock formations

Bryce Canyon National Park

1 Kayenta Road, Canyon Point, UT 84741