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Do Seixo

The Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel is A Portugal-based hotel that serves as a great center point for the globe, welcoming international travelers and settling them into an eco-friendly accommodation that provides luxury and amazing scenery. This a location surrounded by pine trees, seacoast, and dunes, providing a peaceful destination with plenty of modern comforts to boot.

Different rooms have various features, including lavish gold rooms, tree rooms, romantic love rooms, and contemporary villas. Not only are the rooms decorated beautifully but inside you get the aromas, tastes, and colors that make a surreal and lovely experience. Some dishes are prepared from the organic vegetable garden onsite, while fireplaces and charcoal grills make sure that all entrees are home-cooked to perfection.

There is a spa onsite with a Turkish bath, relaxation room, and pool, as well as an Indian Ayurvedic massage, which is a spiritually based method of relaxation. This is a hotel that will be less a “getaway vacation” and more of a once-in-a-lifetime world travel experience.

Type: Design   Luxury   Spa
Areias Do Seixo
Areias Do Seixo facade
Areias Do Seixo restaurant building
Areias Do Seixo restaurant
Areias Do Seixo greenhouse

Love Rooms - Oxala

Love Rooms - Oxala
Love Rooms - Oxala bathroom

Land Rooms - Jasmin

Land Rooms Jasmin

Gold Rooms - Prata

Gold Rooms Prata

Room Sem Hora Marcada

Room Sem Hora Marcada

Room Nha Cretcheu

Room Nha Cretcheu
Room Nha Cretcheu bathroom

Tree Rooms - Mar

Tree Rooms Mar

Room Terra

Room Terra bathroom
Areias Do Seixo Spa
Areias Do Seixo swimming pool
Areias Do Seixo outdoor pool design details
Areias Do Seixo views
Circle of fire
Praceta do Atlântico, Póvoa de Penafirme, 2560-046 A dos Cunhados, Portugal ‎