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The coolest city in Texas, Austin, is known for its vibrant art and cultural scene, with countless museums, galleries, thriving music scene and fun events occurring throughout the year.

Austin is a city that loves to pioneer and then ride new concepts in style like the Targaryen ride their dragons. So, it should come as no surprise to see this inventive boutique motel by the side of the road on the way downtown.

Type: Design
Location: Austin  USA  North America
Austin Motel With The City's Skyline And The Congress Avenue

Austin's lively center is right over the bridge. The city is home to America's largest population of bats, counting over 1.5 million, which live under the Congress Avenue Bridge.

Austin Motel's Phallic Neon Sign

The iconic phallic-shaped vintage neon sign lights up the Austin skyline at night, as it did back in 1938 when it first opened.

Austin Motel  - Exterior Lobby

In 2016, hotelier Liz Lambert decided to give this rusty roadside motel a new life.

The 1930s building got a refreshing new look, and the interiors are sparkling with unique details like artistic wallpapers, retro decorations, and big muscular beds.

Austin Motel Carport Neon

Proud and colorful, Austin Motel's bright neon lights lurk you into their retro-cool hideout, including the goodie-filled gift shop in their lobby.

Austin Motel Gift Shop

Instead of the traditional room service you find in hotels, the motel's gift shop has a selection of protein bars, candies, local craft beers, and wines.

Austin Motel Gift Shop Fridge With Snacks And Drinks

The lobby is open 24/7, so you know where to head if you are craving a snack or a drink.

Austin Motel Car Park Room Exteriors

The exterior has a classic motel layout. You drive to your spot, right in front of the door to your room.

The advantage of staying at a motel is a free parking spot per reservation. So, you don't have to tip a valet or pay ridiculous prices for storing your car.

Apart from the new color scheme showcasing a refined taste in design and a quality facelift, the building looks original.

Austin Motel Room Exterior

Plus, unlike traditional cheap roadside motels, this one comes with pretty plants dotted along the entrance doors.

Austin Motel Room Door

Austin Motel has 41 rooms packed with retro-cool features like dial-up phones, sometimes in the shape of voluptuous female lips.

Austin Motel Room Suite

When the hotel was built in 1938, these rooms were carports, and later they were enclosed by walls and converted into comfy traveler guest rooms.

Austin Motel King Room

The boutique motel rooms come in three different bed setups: full, queen, and king.

What's the difference? The width and even the length of the beds:

Full: 54 inch x 74 inch (137 cm x 188 cm)
Queen: 60 inch x 80 inch (152 cm x 203 cm)
King: 76 inch x 80 inch (193 cm x 203 cm)

Austin Motel Suite

The room offering the most space is the Suite with 500 square feet (46 square meters) - like the size of a million-dollar apartment in New York City.

Austin Motel Suite Seating Area

Austin Motel Deluxe King Yellow Room

Austin Motel Deluxe Room

Austin Motel Poolside King Room

Austin Motel Tiled Staircase

Austin Motel Courtyard

Joann's Fine Foods, which shares space with the motel, is a restaurant with breakfast, weekend brunch, and all-day menus.

It features Tex-Mex classics, like enchiladas and fish tacos (handmade tortillas), and they have a mezcal (alcoholic beverage made of agave) collection.

Austin Motel Cozy Courtyard

The motel's courtyard is full of character. Surrounded by picturesque greenery and cozy light bulbs, it's a charming evening spot to grab a tasty retro margarita cocktail and nachos with a house-made dip.

Austin Motel Pool

Austin Motel's Pool

The picture-perfect kidney-shaped outdoor pool is open for guests daily between 7 AM and 10 PM. The only exception is if you reserve the whole space for an event.

Austin Motel Pool Red And White Striped Sun Loungers

Once, it must have been a place of dodgy dealings, but today you will be slurping your handcrafted cocktail on a stylish red-and-white striped sun lounger by the poolside bar - how things change!

Austin Motel Poolside Bar

The pool area is the best spot to hang out, where 'motel' is the last word popping into your mind when looking at all the well-designed beauty.

Austin Motel Bar

The poolside by is the cherry on the cake, or in your cocktail, to be precise.

Austin Motel Kidney-Shaped Pool

So, how about a refreshing plunge before you head out to explore Austin's vibrant cultural life?

1220 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704