Baumhaushotel Kulturinsel – Germanic Magic, Treehouse FantasiesBaumhaushotel  

So this is like living in Lord of the Rings except without constant danger from the forces of evil. Here, the only forces that matter are those of your imagination (and American Express).

The location is within a national park on the far eastern side of Germany. Many great outdoor activities include hiking, mountain biking, and a super fun zip wire.

The hotel consists of eight tree houses and a ‘wood settlement’. The treehouses are accessible through spiraling walkways and are decorated in many whimsical ways.

The fantasy theme is prevalent with various carved and painted trolls and fairies to delight you and your children.

Baumhaushotel Kulturinsel treehouse
German treehouse hotel in the winter
Baumhaushotel sign
Baumhaushotel building
German man in traditional cloth
Baumhaushotel entrance

There is a small campsite and special meals cooked on an open fire.

Baumhaushotel medieval camp
Krönum theater interior
Waldsiedlum tent
Baumhaushotel tent interior
Baumhaushotel tent from the inside
Baumhaushotel decorated toilets
Baumhaushotel treehouse for the kids
Baumhaushotel treehouse interior
Baumhaushotel treehouse bedroom
Baumhaushotel treehouse kitchen
Baumhaushotel treehouse bathroom
Baumhaushotel white tents
White tents at Baumhaushotel camp site
White tent interior
Tree bed

You will see the sunrise over the treetops from your wooden balcony when you wake up.

Baumhaushotel tree bed

There is a medieval-style theatre where rollicking plays and songs are performed by firelight.

Flexible girl in the air at Baumhaushotel theater
Kulturinsel Einsiedel, 02829 Neißeaue OT Zentendorf, Germany