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On The Lake

Cabin On The Lake by Gwalia Farm has gotten that countryside retreat vibe down to a T. This adorable cabin sits right on the edge of a small lake with the most dreamy view. But, of course, there isn’t much to do there – and that’s the whole point. You can read on the deck, roast marshmallows, or take a canoe trip and picnic on the island. Best of all, you have your very own wood-fired hot tub where you can soak under the stars.

There’s a catch, though: the cabin is completely off-the-grid. That means no electricity whatsoever, so get ready for those romantic candlelit dinners every night. A composting toilet (great view!) and an outdoor shower with water heated on the stove. Luckily, the time seems to have stopped at the cabin, so it doesn’t matter too much if you need to wait for your water to heat.

Gwalia Farm is located in a remote rural spot in Mid Wales, near charming Machynlleth. It’s a sustainable farm with a vegetable garden, chickens, sheep, and a cow, so if you want to get on that self-sufficient bandwagon, certainly a good place to learn!

Cabin On The Lake by Gwalia Farm
Cabin On The Lake With Green Roof
Cabin On The Lake At Night
Cabin On The Lake Room With Fireplace
Cabin On The Lake Window View
Cabin On The Lake Terrace Romantic Dining

Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Cabin On The Lake Wood-Fired Hot Tub
Cabin On The Lake Terrace
Cabin On The Lake Compost Toilet
Cabin On The Lake Ducks
Gwalia, Cemmaes, Machynlleth SY20 9PZ, United Kingdom