The Covered Bridge House - Unique Loft-Style House In Nevada CityCovered  

The Covered Bridge earned much of its fame after being highlighted on HGTV. The now historic location, known as the Covered Bridge House, is located within a few steps of Nevada City but has a distinctly natural ambiance.

The interiors of the home are New York loft-style and have won plenty of accolades from local organizations. The in-room luxury includes a private patio, a bedroom and bath with separate entrances, and morning breakfast and coffee for free. Dinner is also served by request. Best of all, you can commune with nature, taking an easy evening gaze at local hummingbirds, as well as great scenery from Japanese maple trees and the Sierra Foothills.

Be forewarned: this is not the typical hotel experience. The owners interact with guest residents and many residents prefer this personal touch. There is plenty of hiking and mountain biking in the area for recreation. The Covered Bridge, with its luxurious interiors and quaint art-deco style, is going to make your Nevada vacation even better!

Type: Design
Covered Bridge House front

Covered Bridge House view from front door

Covered Bridge House loft view from top

Covered Bridge House living room

Covered Bridge House seating area

Covered Bridge House bedroom

Covered Bridge House bathroom

Covered Bridge House terrace

Covered Bridge House sun decks

Covered Bridge House yard

North Bloomfield Road, Nevada City, CA, United States