Desert Cave Hotel – Goin’ UndergroundDesert Cave  

Coober Pedy is a small mining town in the Australian Outback. Because of the extreme temperatures (40ºC in summer), many inhabitants live in underground houses called ‘dugouts’. In fact, the name, ‘Coober Pedy’ comes from the Aboriginal name for the town, ‘kupa-piti’ which means 'white man's hole'.

The area has an enormous opal deposit underneath it and thousands of feet of mine shaft which has been built to extract the precious mineral. The Desert Hotel has been gouged out of a hillside and now you can stay in the world’s only dugout hotel. There is an above-ground building with normal rooms if you prefer a more usual hotel experience. Beneath the surface, the rooms are decorated using native rocks and colors so the outback’s unique culture is not lost.

It is eco-friendly because the underground rooms naturally regulate their temperature which reduces the need for air conditioning. There is a bar, games room and convention facilities located in big underground halls so you can enjoy yourself in a cool environment.

Type: Cave   Desert   Underground
Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy
Underground Shopping Gallery in Desert Cave Hotel
Desert Cave Hotel lobby
Desert Cave Hotel bar
Desert Cave underground hotel
Underground room
Desert Cave Hotel room
Coober Pedy desert
Couple sitting in the desert next to Coober Pedy in Australia
Car going in the Australian desert
Truck going in the desert
Toyota Land Cruiser in the desert at sunset
LOT 1 Hutchison Street, Coober Pedy SA 5723, Australia