Dunant Hotel - The First 0 Star HotelDunant Hotel  

If you were to tell me that you are going to stay in a “0-star hotel” I might wonder if you are planning to sleep in a ditch. But I would be very ill-informed. The Dunant Hotel has chosen to bill itself as “0 stars” to reflect its philosophy of letting its design speak for itself. In fact, they actively shun all conformist philosophies and arbitrary ideas of what “luxury” is, to them such accolades are at best vain exercises in posturing. At the Dunant Hotel, the only experience and opinion that matters is yours when you come to stay.

The hotel has gathered some of the best pieces of design from all over the world and everything is an object of beauty and function - from the chair, you sit into the bath you bathe in. All the design pieces are constantly moving around as you use and appreciate them in equal measure. Express your appreciation or criticism of the art by writing on the walls.

The overall concept is a tribute to Jean-Henri Dunant who founded the International Red Cross when he was staying close to where the hotel stands today. The concepts of war and peace, good and evil are prevalent throughout the hotel reflecting this intellectual birth.


Photo by Ambra Craighero

Dunant Hotel exterior

Dunant Hotel garden

Dunant Hotel interior

Dunant Hotel lamp and leather furniture

Dunant Hotel interior design

Dunant Hotel modern art

1859 incrocio di destini room

Affermazione di un simbolo room

Attacca bottone room

Attivismo religioso room

Compresenza room

Due tonnelate di solitudine room

Evoluzione di un sorriso room

Fragore di pensiero room

Frammenti room

La forza della lumaca room

La stanza di Dunant hotel room

Lotta per la sopravvienza room

Oltre la gravità room

sguardo nemico room

Stanza di decompressione room

Dunant Hotel Bathroom

Via Donatori di Sangue 46043 Castiglione delle Stiviere, Mantova, Italy