Dunton Hot Springs  - American 1800’s Ghost Town ResortDunton  
Hot Springs

This town was founded in 1885 when Marty McFly arrived from the future looking for The Doc… hang on. Wrong review. Yes, this town was founded on the banks of the Dolores River in 1885, about half a mile from a mine where the townsfolk worked. It was always a small place, isolated from larger mining communities. Deserted by 1918, the town was purchased and turned into a ranch, so it remained for most of the 20th Century. It took seven years to renovate the town, and it was opened as a unique hotel in 2001.

There are many hot mineral-enriched springs nearby that have been used for centuries. Some of the water is directed into the beautifully restored 19th Century bathhouse for special luxury. You can eat in an ol’ timey saloon bar and stay in an authentic wood cabin. You can even hire the whole town to accommodate 40 people. In winter, there is some fine skiing nearby, and in summer, there are vineyards, horseback rides, and thrilling hikes.

Location: Dolores  USA  North America
Dunton Hot Springs village at night

Dunton Hot Springs set in between green hills

Dunton Hot Springs in the snow

Road to Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs traditional wooden house

Dunton Hot Springs wooden house under the snow

Dunton Hot Springs wood cabin

Wood cabin with large windows lit up in the night

Cute small wood cabin in Colorado

Dunton Hot Springs wood cabin and tent in the winter

Lit up wooden cabin of Dunton Hot Springs in the winter

Wood cabin under the snow

Dunton sign

Wood cabin interior through the window

Vintage cash machine

Dunton Hot Springs bar

Dunton Hot Springs restaurant

Dunton Hot Springs hotel room

Mushrooms of Dunton

Bird feeding

Vintage truck in Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs waterfall

Snowshoeing in Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs biking

Dunton Hot Springs horse riding

Dunton Hot Springs, 52068 Road 38, Dolores, CO 81323, USA