Fingal Hotel Edinburgh - Glamorous Floating Hotel On A Historic Ship Docked In EdinburghFingal Hotel  

If you’re a history geek – or watch The Crown – you’ll remember Britannia, the former royal yacht of Queen Elizabeth II. Now out of service, the ship is permanently docked in Edinburgh and serves as a museum, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Luckily for all of us hotel aficionados, you can now stay within an eyeshot of the yacht on another historic vessel! The nonprofit looking after Britannia purchased and restored a retired Fingal turning her into a floating hotel docked just a short walk from the famous yacht.

Fingal hotel does a fantastic job channeling 20th-century monarchy vibes with Art Deco and neoclassical design. Think teak floors, polished wood paneling, marble surfaces, brass fixtures, and gold ceilings. There’s even a ballroom with sweeping staircases and a removable skylight rooftop for stargazing so you can truly live your royal dreams to the fullest.

The maritime theme is strong too. All cabins are named after British lighthouses, and you’ll find a custom leather headboard embossed with a nautical map over your bed. Rooms vary according to the category, starting with a 21m2 Classic Cabin and ending with a two-level Luxury Duplex that features a living room and an extra spacious bathroom. The absolute cherry on top, however, is the Skerryvore Suite. An ode to luxury, this presidential suite comes with a private deck and a dining area.

Located in Leith, Fingal might not be in the historic heart of Edinburgh, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get bored here. Enjoy a scenic walk along Water of Leith, visit one of the many artisan micro-breweries and get dinner at the famous Michelin-starred The Kitchin.

Fingal Hotel Edinburgh Reception
Fingal Hotel The Ballroom
Fingal Hotel The Lighthouse Bar
Couple at the Lighthouse Bar
Fingal Hotel Luxury Duplex Room
Fingal Hotel Luxury Cabin
Fingal Boat Hotel Bathroom
Fingal Hotel Classic Cabin Neist Point
Fingal Hotel Luxury Duplex Bathroom
Fingal Hotel Classic Cabin Bathroom
Fingal Hotel Skerryvore Suite
Alexandra Dock, Edinburgh EH6 7DX, United Kingdom