Hatari Lodge – Hollywood Meets African GlamourHatari  

In the shadows of Kilimanjaro there is a lush and fertile plain on which lies a farm that was first built by the Trappe family in 1907. Successful farmers, conservationists and hunters; the Trappe family leased their farm to Hollywood in the 1960s so they could film classic John Wayne flick, ‘Hatari!’ where the hotel takes its name from. Soon after it was bought by cigar-chomping bigwig, Hardy Krüger and now it is a magnificent hotel. Billed as a ‘luxury bush hotel’, Hatari Lodge is set in Arusha National Park which is one of the largest national parks in Africa and one of the most beautiful. There are three buildings, The Hatari Lodge, which is decorated with influence from its 1960s heyday and ‘The Old Buildings’ which are stewed in history and built in the style of the great lodges of old-school Europe. Here you will find a restaurant, lounge and roaring fire. The breakfast terrace is scented with flowers and overlooks some amazingly dramatic scenery. The main activity at Hatari is the specialist safaris that offer guests a chance to leave the tourist track and really experience the wilderness first-paw.

Location: Arusha  Tanzania  Africa
Hatari Lodge from above
Hatari Lodge Tanzania
Hatari Lodge wildlife viewing terrace
Hatari Lodge
Hatari Lodge rooms
Hatari Lodge room
Hatari Lodge bathroom
Hatari Lodge design room
Hatari Lodge room with fireplace
Hatari Lodge bath with view on the nature
Hatari Lodge private terrace
Hatari Lodge terrace
Watching the giraffes
Giraffe with Kilimanjaro in the background
Giraffes in the wild
Tanzanian nature
Leopard on the tree
Monkeys on the tree
Tanzanian nature and Killimanjaro
Tanzanian nature and lakes and in the background Killimanjaro
Hatari Lodge sign and a giraffe
Momella Rd, PO Box 3171, Arusha National Park, Tanzania