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Hotel Azucar - White Beachside Bungalows In The Gulf Of MexicoHotel  

Named after the area’s sugar factories, Azucar features 20 beachside bungalows all as white as their namesake. The thatched roofs and colorful daybeds accent the pristine whiteness. Set on the Gulf of Mexico on miles of sandy beaches, Hotel Azucar is made for rest, recreation, and meditation.

Each little bungalow is designed for maximum privacy and has a terrace overlooking the sea. The breeze is captured to keep your bungalow deliciously cool. Crafted from local materials and a fair bit of driftwood, the design creates an experience that matches top hoteliers with traditional Mexican aesthetics. Hammocks, daybeds, and shady corners dot the property letting you find your own hidey-hole of relaxation.

Full spa and healing services are available and a grassy garden is maintained so you can feel the fresh grass spiking in between your toes. For dinner, the chef will prepare the catch of the day -lightly grilled.

Hotel Azucar white building
Hotel Azucar
Hotel Azucar with bikini girls
Hotel Azucar room
Hotel Azucar chilling area
Hotel Azucar bicycles
Hotel Azucar hammock with sea view
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Carr. Fed. Nautla - Poza Rica km 83.5 Monte Gordo, 93588 Tecolutla, Veracruz, México
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