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Artistic expression and the creative lifestyle are the centripetal characteristics of Hotel Bloom. Inspired by Brussels' rich history and evolving personality, Hotel Bloom attempts to capture the artistic heart of the city through the work of its local artists.

With this concept in mind, the original designers invited several young across the city to create a unique theme for all 287 guestrooms based on their interpretation of the word “bloom.” The result was an insight into the world of Europe’s contemporary art scene through the frescoes throughout the hotel. You can browse through the various artists and murals online to choose which hand-painted fresco best suits your taste and personality. Each room features an open and spacious floor plan to create a light, comfortable atmosphere to energize and inspire guests. There are a number of room options, including four lofts that offer ample space.

Art students and renowned street artists were also invited to invigorate the public spaces. Going one step further after cultural budget cuts, Hotel Bloom initiated its artist residency program. Each month one artist, curator, or gallery is offered living and working space in addition to event support to exhibit their work in the hotel’s art space.

Adjacent to the botanical gardens, Hotel Bloom provides the perfect backdrop for art lovers and romantics. Its proximity to the Metro station and inner ring road also allows guests to explore Brussels' numerous museums, galleries, and historical attractions. The contemporary design and modern luxuries are the perfect introductions to the vast cultural heritage of the city.

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Hotel BLOOM lobby

SmoodS Restaurant at Hotel BLOOM

OO Restaurant at Hotel BLOOM

OO Buffet

Orange VW Bus at Hotel BLOOM!

VW Bus used as food tray

Hotel BLOOM XL Room

Hotel BLOOM King room

Hotel BLOOM room

Hotel BLOOM wall fresco design

Hotel BLOOM Gym

Rue Royale 250, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Brussels, Belgium