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de Glace

Unusual? Yes. Unique? Possibly. Most hotels are made from bricks and cement or concrete and steel, this one is made from ice and snow. Skilled ice artisans (or should that be icetisans?) build the hotel every winter slightly differently each time. If you want to volunteer to help them, apply online! If you want to design a room entirely from ice and snow, you can enter their annual competition, you need to be from Quebec University though to do so. And if you win, you can see your idea incorporated into the final design when the hotel is built in autumn for a December opening.

In 2012, the hotel featured an ice slide for those who don’t mind chilly bums, a bar and restaurant, and a breathtaking ice-chapel. In the outside sauna and baths, you have the experience of catching a snowflake on your tongue while steam rises from the heated water. Your room is constructed entirely from ice. Some rooms are sub-zero and there you snuggle into your special Nordic sleeping bag. Other rooms have a free-standing fireplace where you notice with a smile that even your champagne flute is crafted from ice.

Type: Ice
Ice buildings
Entrance of ice building
Snowy ice building
Door to ice structure
Fire and ice
Ice Bar
Drinking at the ice bar
Ice party
People in ice bar
Ice slide
Cold and fireplace
Ice room with fireplace
Drink at the Fireplace
Pink ice room
Ice room with double bed
Blue ice room
Sleep in the ice room
Ice cold room
Fireplace and people sleeping in the ice room
Sleep in the ice room
Winter Jakuzzi
Exterior of ice chapel
Ice chapel
Inside of ice chapel
Ice chapel
How ice structures are built
9530 Rue de la Faune, Québec, QC G1G 4G4, Canada