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The hotel is named after St Gellert, a visionary monk, and priest who lived in the 10th Century AD. Situated between Gellert Hill and the banks of the Danube, the Gellert Hotel sits on a site that has been used for many centuries.

You see, it is the location of a famous thermal spa. The Hungarians have a strong tradition of spas and baths. Indeed, there has been accommodation for visitors to this site since the early 1800s.

The Gellert Hotel was finished in 1918 and remained one of Budapest's most famous landmarks. The architecture is Art Nouveau, the style at the time, and remains an exceptional example of that aesthetic movement.

The fabulous Gellért Spa is attached to the hotel. There, ancient springs and volcanic waters fill many baths. In this masterpiece of design, choose from many pools, indoors and out, and smell the sulfur amid echoing voices along the tiled corridors. There is also an extensive gym, physiotherapy, and aromatherapy on offer.

Type: Spa

The Art Nouveau historical landmark stands on Szent Gellért Square, next to the metro 4 line, and opposite the Liberty Bridge.

Hotel Gellert from above

The 176-room hotel was designed by Ármin Hegedűs, Artúr Sebestyén and Izidor Sterk.

Gellért Hotel
Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra
Gellert Thermal Spa entrance

The grand hotel opened in 1918, right after the end of world war I and the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Hotel Gellert Lobby
Hotel Gellert restaurant
Hotel Gellert room
Photo by B Romero
Gellert Spa interior
Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose
Gellert Spa interior design
Photo Roberto Ventre
Gellert Spa interior swimming pool
Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

After Hungary gained independence, Gellért Hotel was so successful in its early years that in 1927 the owners added 60 rooms and a wave pool.

Gellert Spa
Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

The popular Gellért spa is owned and operated by the city of Budapest.

Gellert Spa tiles and mosaics
Photo by Christian Haugen
Gellert Spa wave pool

Mandarin Oriental Gellért

In the winter of 2021, the hotel was closed for renovation, and it will open up again as a brand new five-star hotel in 2027. It will undergo a rebranding, and its new name will be Mandarin Oriental Gellért.

The hotel will have 143 rooms, including 38 suites. During the reconstruction, a new rooftop terrace with a panoramic bar and a covered swimming pool will be built. The London-based Alexander Waterworth will be responsible for re-designing the interiors, so expect a high level of sophistication.

Gellert Hotel Renovation Building Front

The last renovation was over 50 years ago, and this time the building gets a complete treatment inside and outside to bring it back to its full glory and raise its standards to five-star luxury.

Gellert Hotel Renovation Building Side

The interiors damaged during the war and temporarily reconstructed will be restored to their original splendor, including the most spectacular spaces; the Lobby, the Danube Room, the Music Hall, and the Gobelin Hall.

Gellert Hotel Renovation Restaurant Exterior

The 176 rooms will also undergo a complete refurbishment, and their number will shrink to 143 guest rooms and suites. But, as you can expect, sizes will increase along with the quality of the interiors and the amenities.

Gellert Hotel Renovation Spa Aerial

During Hotel Gellért's reconstruction, the spa remains open.

Gellert Hotel Under Renovation
Szent Gellért tér 1, 1111 Budapest, Hungary