Accommodation types: Design
Location: Paris  France  West Europe
Hôtel Odyssey by Elegancia - Futuristic Hotel In ParisHôtel  

Odyssey is the creative work of French designer, Ora-Ïto, who will take you on a time/space travel in the heart of Paris. Are you ready for this unique journey?


The hotel's dining room has a spectacular curved wooden wall with a 3D pattern resembling a sea wave. Moreover, the signature sculpted wood made its way into the rooms, although in a simpler form.

Hôtel Odyssey by Elegancia

Breakfast is served in the Green Room between 7 to 11 am, and this unique space can be booked for private events outside these hours.

Hotel Odyssey Green Room

The unlimited buffet-style breakfast is rich, even by Parisian standards, and has all the classic French pastries like baguettes, croissants, and pain au chocolat.

Hotel Odyssey Dining

Plus, breakfast is included in your room's price.

Hotel Odyssey Breakfast

Each floor has a different color theme, and the staircase's carpet changes from one to another, bringing you to the next level - physically and aesthetically.

Hotel Odyssey Futuristic Corridor

There are 29 rooms with 29 tones, ranging from madder red, petrol blue to absinth green.

Hotel Odyssey Ocean Room

The futuristic rooms are compact, but their design and layout cleverly hide this fact.

Hotel Odyssey Galileo Room

The upside of compactness is that everything is within arm's reach!

Hotel Odyssey Room Details

There is a built-in pull-down desk for your laptop, or you can use it to eat breakfast.

Hotel Odyssey Pull-Down Desk

The curved walls are wrapped with soft textiles, which also work great for soundproofing. And there are floor-to-ceiling mirrors that visually extend the rooms.

Hotel Odyssey Yellow Cocoon Room

The integrated line/circular led lights and the cutout window for the beds complete the space-age atmosphere.

Hotel Odyssey Orange Room

It's like hopping on SpaceX's Starship, but you are in Paris, and instead of slurping food from a plastic bag, you eat freshly baked croissants.

Hotel Odyssey Orange Room Bathroom

Although the hotel refers to their rooms as capsules, unlike their Japanese siblings, you will have your own bathroom and enough space to store your luggage and personal items here.

Hotel Odyssey Futuristic Room
Hotel Odyssey Bathroom
Hotel Odyssey Shower
Hotel Odyssey Capsule Bedroom
Hotel Odyssey Bathroom Entrance

Hotel Odyssey couldn't have a better location. It's next to the Palais-Royal Garden and a couple of blocks from the Louvre Museum.

Hotel Odyssey French Style
19 Rue Hérold, 75001 Paris, France
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