Hotel Pelirocco – The Rock N Roll HotelHotel  

Billed as Britain’s “sauciest hotel” the Pelirocco has much to delight you, especially if you happen to be in the mood for some busy lovemaking. Or not as the case may be, there is plenty to do. They will organize a professional makeover and a glamorous photoshoot for you. The hotel owner opens up space in his establishment for the performance of the lively music popular with teenagers which they call “rock n roll” he even has his own radio show.

Their selection of themed rooms are a kitsch delight. You could choose the “dirty weekend room” which is a celebration of all things decadent and naughty. Order a special “erotic hamper” to the room? You can if you want, but no pressure, relax and have some more champagne… Legendary record shop, “Rough Trade” have their own room which is decorated with singles spanning their esteemed musical history. A Stoli room is all about Soviet glamour and Vodka while the “Skint” room celebrates the struggling artist.

Hotel Pelirocco building

Hotel Pelirocco interior

Hotel Pelirocco bar

Peep show beautiful girls sign in the room of Hotel Pelirocco

Betty's Boudoir

Erotic hotel room

Play Room

Hotel Pelirocco play room

A bathtub that fits at least two people...

Hotel Pelirocco play room bathroom

Singstar / Soul Supreme

Singstar and Soul Supreme rooms

Stoli Salon room

Hotel Pelirocco Pin Up Parlour room

Dolly Would

Hotel Pelirocco Dolly Would

Hotel Pelirocco room

Hotel Pelirocco vintage phone

Dark Red Room

Black and Purple room

Leopard suite

Leopard suite bathroom

Rounded bed and mirror on the ceiling

Round bed suite

Round bed suite bathroom

10 Regency Square, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2FG, United Kingdom