Hotel Semiramis - Colorful Design ExplosionHotel  

Located in a quiet Athenian suburb this hotel was designed down to the last detail by Karim Rashid who is regarded as the best designer of his generation with over 300 awards to his name. The idea was to create a vibrant, functional, and relaxing space. Lollypop colors create a childlike aesthetic that is stimulating to be around. A cyclone of color and style, it is like staying inside a very gay rainbow – in a good way.

The hotel houses a magnificent collection of contemporary art that is rotated on a biannual basis. You can spend some time looking at work by artists such as Damien Hirst, Laura Owens, and Christopher Wool. There is a lively restaurant, café, and bar where you can hang out with a popular local crowd. There is a modern gym and pool and easy access, by train, to Athens where you can explore the famous Greek culture both ancient and modern.

Type: Design
Location: Athens  Greece  East Europe
Hotel Semiramis colorful exterior
Hotel Semiramis exterior and swimming pool
Yes! hotel lobby
Hotel Semiramis design chairs
Hotel Semiramis sexy room
Hotel Semiramis room
Hotel Semiramis bathroom
Hotel Semiramis terrace
Hotel Semiramis bar
Hotel Semiramis restaurant
Hotel Semiramis restaurant from the outside
Hotel Semiramis swimming pool
Charilaou Trikoupi 48, Athens 145 62, Greece