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Among the Kimono shops and brooding Yakuza members in San Fransisco’s Japan Town, there is a hotel devoted to Manga and Japanese pop culture.

The lobby continuously plays old Godzilla movies. Buy your snacks from a robot vending machine. Like Manga? Who doesn’t? These incredible murals are originals by contemporary illustrator Heisuke Kitazawa.

All rooms come with an iPod dock, an ergonomic work area, and access to the fitness studio. The Player’s Suite allows you to play the latest video games on a huge screen, watch Manga films, or bop to Halcali songs on your own private dancefloor.

Outside, there are futuristic geo-domes where you can have business meetings or meet friends, and, yes, the free wifi does extend out there.

The hotel is part of a grassroots scheme to support local community projects. A portion of the profits is donated to a local elementary school that helps children from minority backgrounds.

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Hotel Tomo building in San Francisco

Hotel Tomo yellow room

Hotel Tomo Japanese pop room

Hotel Tomo bedroom

Hotel Tomo room

Hotel Tomo room details

Japanese pop design room

Hotel Tomo design details

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1800 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA