Hotel Viura - Cubist Architecture In The Sierra De Cantabria Mountain RangeHotel  

As you approach Hotel Viura, it appears to be an expression of the cubism artistic movement, with various boxes precariously balanced. Upon entering the hotel, you can fully appreciate the overwhelming beauty of your location and how those cubic windows illuminate the entire space. They also provide incredible views of the Sierra de Cantabria mountain range and the charming village of Villabuena de Alava.

The entire structure is actually positioned in the hillside and incorporates the polished rock into its design element. This innovative elegance is also present in each guestroom and suite, with a classic and unobtrusive décor. The rooms provide ample space, and many also include a private terrace for you to enjoy the fresh air and countryside.

The onsite restaurant creates a rustic atmosphere with wine barrels hanging from the ceiling and serves savory Riojan and Basque cuisine. The wine cellar also contains several choice regional selections.

Hotel Viura provides the perfect launching point for a tour of the Rioja wine region. The hotel offers bikes to explore nearby vineyards and town, which features a 16th-century church that is definitely worth a visit. It is truly the perfect destination for wine connoisseurs looking to escape the hectic cities for the serene Spanish countryside.

Hotel Viura in Villabuena de Álava
Hotel Viura
Hotel Viura facade
Hotel Viura restaurant
Hotel Viura seafood
Hotel Viura dining room
Hotel Viura room
Hotel Viura swimming pool
Hotel Viura rooftop terrace at night
Villabuena de Álava panorama from the rooftop terrace
Herreria Kalea, 01307 Villabuena de Álava, Araba, Spain