Indigo Patagonia - Eco-Friendly Luxury At The Andes MountainsNOI Indigo  

The Indigo Hotel’s architecture was designed by master builder, Sebastián Irarrázaval using wood and lots of natural light to create a relaxing, eco-friendly experience where hammocks hang lazily on the landings. The restaurant, Mama Rosa, serves fresh crab straight from the Eberhard Fjord and sumptuous local beef.

The excursions on offer take advantage of the splendid surroundings where you can spend up to 10 days trekking through the majestic peaks of the Andes. Cruise alongside sheer cliffs of ice watching rare seals swim through turquoise water and if you are feeling more adventurous, how about a spot of Glacier-walking? Rare breeds of birds call and dive in their natural habitat as you kayak along tiny mountain canals into the famous Patagonia ice-fields.

For centuries, horsemanship has been essential to survival in this remote region. Now it’s time to experience the local culture on horseback. Trek through rich forests, stopping for lunch before galloping home over the vast planes and prairies. The eco philosophy of the Indigo is not just skin deep. Sustainability is designed into it. An advanced insulation system requires no central heating throughout spring and summer. Friendly solar lighting designs reduce the need for light-bulbs and inside the hotel, there's extensive recycling.

Type: Nature   Spa
Ladrilleros 105, Puerto Natales, Chile