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Costa Rica has a long tradition of ostentatious hotel-building but today’s travelers often prefer a smaller, wiser experience. Enter then, Kura Design Villas. Located on the esoteric Osa Peninsula halfway up a rainforest-clad mountainside, these properties balance perfectly on that fine line between rustic and luxury.

Awake then, to the sight of rainforest mists rising like a bridal veil under the sun, the view stretching to the jungle-fringed beaches below. The villas were created with help from the sustainable hospitality group Cayuga Collection (a T+L Global Vision Award winner in 2012) and utilize solar power, bamboo ceilings, and rain showers. There are no TVs instead you are invited to spend time in the hammock on your private terrace watching the sun fade the surrounding verdancy into rich, cricket-sung darkness. The center of the complex contains a refreshing saltwater infinity pool dotted around which is white leather furniture where cocktails are served.

Type: Design   Luxury   Nature
Infinity pool in the night
Kura Design Villas stairs
Kura Design Villas lounge
Kura Design Villas hot tub
Kura Design Villas spa
Kura Design Villas showers
Kura Design Villas bedroom
Kura Design Villas hammock with sea view
Bathroom with jungle and sea view
Kura Design Villas hammock
Kura Design Villas infinity pool
Kura Design Villas sun decks
Kura Design Villas terrace
Kura Design Villas terrace at sunset
Kura Design Villas pool at night
Pool with fire
Sunbathing model girl
Girl swims underwater
Girls at the infinity pool
Couple at the pool
Kura Design Villas rooftop
Kura Design Villas design chairs
Uvita, Osa, Ballena, Costa Rica