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In New Delhi, it's crucial to find a great spot to stay as it's the second-most populous city in the world. The hostel is right on the Magenta line that you can take from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, making it super convenient if you are about to take off to Goa the next day. Let's just say it's unique to have a panorama on the green in Delhi, and what a view this is! Apart from the much-needed greenery, the Hauz Khas Deer Park is filled with wild animals and historical buildings such as a medieval fort.

LetsBunk Poshtel is the new wave of posh hostels where boutique hotel-level design meets affordability and a cozy atmosphere. Backpacker-budgeted travelers can opt for one of the 8-bed dorms in stylish rooms with large windows and shared but ensuite bathrooms – which is a useful upgrade from the usual hostels. Quadruple the price, and you have your own spacious room. My personal favorite is the Studio with Balcony overlooking the park. Booking a private room here comes with the perk of the social life of hostels. The climax of LetsBunk Poshotel is definitely the rooftop terrace where you can slow down and sip on a cold drink after a long day out in the hectic metropolis.

The hostel has an in-house cafe, ‘Cafe Fika’. Fika is the Swedish concept of taking a fun break from work in the shape of a coffee and a kanelbullar, aka cinnamon roll. On top of great coffee, you can also try their local goodies, like the Chickpea Tikka Masala, Quinoa Salad Bowl, and our Vegan Burrito Bowl. Eat out on the scenic rooftop terrace and enjoy your food here while gazing at the picturesque sunsets over Delhi. The hostel can organize all the good things you are looking for; yoga classes, bar tours, heritage tours, Delhi tour gaming night, or just a relaxing BBQing.

Type: Design   Hostel
Location: New Delhi  India  South Asia
LetsBunk Poshtel-Boutique Hotel Entrance
LetsBunk Poshtel Café Fika
LetsBunk Poshtel Bar
LetsBunk Poshtel Corridor
LetsBunk Poshtel Dormitory Room
LetsBunk Poshtel King Room
LetsBunk Poshtel Suite
LetsBunk Poshtel Suite Workspace
LetsBunk Poshtel Window Blinds
LetsBunk Poshtel Studio Suite
LetsBunk Poshtel Room With Balcony
LetsBunk Poshtel Private Balcony
LetsBunk Poshtel Bedroom Park View
LetsBunk Poshtel Private Bathroom
LetsBunk Poshtel Rooftop Terrace
LetsBunk Poshtel Rooftop Terrace Evening
LetsBunk Poshtel Rooftop Terrace Cozy Lights And Park Panorama
LetsBunk Poshtel Rooftop Terrace Morning Coffee
LetsBunk Poshtel Rooftop Terrace Forest Panorama

Hauz Khas Deer Park Medieval Fort

Hauz Khas Deer Park Medieval Fort
Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India