Long Story Short Hostel & Café - Chic Hostel In OmoloucLong Story Short  

Situated in the old town of the cheerful little Moravian town of Omolouc, Long Story Short prides itself to be different from the rest. It's founded on the principle that hostels don't have to look cheap, nor should they serve dry toasts for breakfast. Instead, they have a magical garden called the Cooking Bar Café. It looks so awesome that you won't want to eat anywhere else. And food, there is plenty. They've got an all-you-can-eat buffet made from local farmers' produce freshly prepared by their chefs. This hostel concept incorporates a fancy bakery, where sourdough is baked to perfection and served fresh with your breakfast. See, nothing like the hostels you are used to. And we are still just scratching the surface.

Inside this unique historic brick building, a chic interior comes to life. The shared lounge where you can meet and greet the other inhabitants is straight out of a fashion magazine—colorful hand-picked furniture contrasting the white-washed walls and the dark metallic industrial elements. The private rooms are just like in 5-star hotels—freestanding bathtub in the middle of the room for a goodnight foamy bath before jumping to bed. Bath bombs included. The floor is heated so your feet wouldn't get cold, of course. Dorms – or rather the dorm suites - are spacious. Where normally hostel owners would try to force in 16 beds, here, you'll find only four/six depending on the configuration. They are split into two levels for extra privacy. All that additional space saved is used for a comfy sofa and a dining table, just like in a posh suite.

Once used to be the capital of Moravia, Olomouc today is considered the second most cultural and historical city in Czechia. Live music, festivals, art exhibitions are an integral part of this vibrant city. Stroll around and discover the architectural gems that made it into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. One last thing before you book. The outdoor bar often turns into a wild Central-European party, so don't forget your dancing shoes! Long story short: you are going to have fun.

Long Story Short Hostel & Café Brick Building


Long Story Short Hostel Lounge

Long Story Short Hostel Bakery

Long Story Short Hostel Chic Design Interior

Long Story Short Hostel Corridor

Long Story Short Hostel Private Room

Long Story Short Hostel Freestanding Bath With Foams

Long Story Short Hostel Suite

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Long Story Short Hostel Bed

Long Story Short Hostel Dormitory "Suite"

Shared Bathroom

Long Story Short Hostel Shared Bathroom

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Long Story Short Hostel Shower

Cooking Bar Café

Cooking Bar Cafe

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Koželužská 945, 779 00 Olomouc, Czechia