Lupe Sina Treesort - Fairy Tale Ancient Banyan TreeLupe Sina  

The Lupe Sina Treesort is the only luxury treehouse in the entire South Pacific Ocean and the first in Samoa. In the hills of Tiavi with a magnificent view of the southern coast and the Upolu rainforest.

The Treesort’s luxury treehouses are magnificent feats of engineering that complement the natural beauty of the island and provide you with all the modern amenities you could dream of.

The treehouse resort is located near Cross Island Road in the middle of the main island of Upolu in Samoa and is the ideal location for visiting the rest of the island's sights.

Location: Tiavi  Samoa  Oceania

On the resort itself, you can go mountain trekking, stargazing, and bird watching for endangered species like the Manumea (Tooth-billed Pigeon), Ground-dove, Samoan Woodhen, Samoan Triller, Samoan Broadbill, Samoan White-eye, and Mao.

Lupe Sina Treesort brochure photo

From your magnificent private treehouses, you can take short walks or drives to visit many local swimming areas, including Papapapatei Waterfall, Lake Lanotoo, To Sua Swimming Hole, Toditogiga Falls, Aganoa Black Sand Beach, and the South Coast Beaches.

Lupe Sina Treesort star gazer front

You can also get to other sites like the Bahaii Temple, Apia, and many others.

Banyan tree treehouse
Looking up the tree house from the ground
Lupe Sina Treesort entrance to the treehouse
Lupe Sina Treesort room
Lupe Sina Treesort bedroom
Visible parts of the banyan tree in the room
Lupe Sina Treesort shower
Lupe Sina Treesort kitchen
Lupe Sina Treesort balcony
Lupe Sina Treesort dining on the balcony with ocean views
Lupe Sina Treesort viewing deck
Lupe Sina Treesort ocean panorama
Pacific Ocean views
Lupe Sina Treesort in the night
Cross Island Road, Tuamasaga, Tiavi, Samoa