Luxus Hunza - Epic Panorama On The Freshly-Formed Lake AttabadLuxus Hunza  

At first sight, it might look like a peaceful natural wonder in Switzerland, but Lake Attabad is in Pakistan and was formed over ten years ago. It resulted from an unfortunate event in 2010 when a significant landslide blocked the Hunza River's flow.

The rising water levels paved the way for Pakistan's newest tourist attraction. The sparkling turquoise waters of the lake hide complete highways buried deep inside, but today it's a pleasant gathering place for nature and watersport lovers.

Type: Nature
Location: Hunza  Pakistan  South Asia

Luxus Hunza is positioned in the best spot, overlooking the newly-created lake in its full glory.

Luxus Hunza

The 5-star luxury resort is made up of colorful wooden huts.

Luxus Hunza Colorful Wooden Huts
Luxus Hunza Hotel Panorama

Interiors are outfitted with parquettes and hand-made wooden furniture.

Luxus Hunza Hotel Living Room

The floor-to-ceiling windows brighten up the rooms, presenting one of the most breathtaking panoramas you have ever seen.

Luxus Hunza Hut Bedroom
Luxus Hunza Room Lake Attabad Panorama

The bright blue color of Lake Attabad contrasting the Batura Muztagh mountains' rugged peaks is a sight to behold!

Luxus Hunza Hotel Corner Suite
Luxus Hunza Suite Panorama

How about a jacuzzi overlooking the azure waters of the lake and the surrounding mountains?

Luxus Hunza Bathroom With Jacuzzi And Large Window Overlooking The Lake

All rooms and suites are linked with a private terrace or garden.

Luxus Hunza Private Balcony

The local restaurant, Gojal Restaurant, and BBQ bring the gourmet food of Lahore to the table and combines it with the stunning views.

Pakistani Hot Tea With Lake Attabad Panorama
Lake Attabad Giant Swing

In addition, they installed a giant lakeside frame and swing to pose for epic photos and make your friends jealous after posting them.

Lake Attabad Bench
Lake Attabad Jetski

Following the floods, the local highway has submerged in 2010, and until the new one opened in 2015, such barges were used for transportation over the lake

Submerged highway shipping on barges until the new road opened in 2015
Luxus Hunza, Ainabad, Hunza, GB, Pakistan, 15100 Hunza, Pakistan