Mahinui Na Lani - Treehouse On A VolcanoMahinui  
Na Lani

Expert tree house-builder Roderick Romero built this wooden appendage to the emerald rainforest of Hawaii’s Big Island. The house is suspended from the trees themselves by Garnier Limbs designed to support the structure in the trees without harming the trees; you will need to use the ship's ladder to achieve access. Mahinui Na Lani means “beautiful sky,” and this treehouse is made from locally sourced and recycled materials.

It is designed for two to share and comes with a kitchen, outside shower, and intimate bedroom. The treehouse is entirely off-grid, using rainwater catchment, solar power, generator, and battery bank. You can linger in the cedar hot tub while watching the birds in the treetops. Hawaii’s Big Island is a unique habitat that allows you to snorkel in the ocean, visit a snowy mountain and watch the lava flow like a boiling red snake. The hotel has a separate pavilion that is offered to host “rainforest weddings,” which call forth the feminine presence of Pele and the traditional rainforest spirits to bless the charming couple.

Mahinui Na Lani

Mahinui Na Lani tree house stairs

Mahinui Na Lani interior

Mahinui Na Lani kitchen

Mahinui Na Lani ladders

Mahinui Na Lani bedroom

Mahinui Na Lani bedroom view on the jungle

Mahinui Na Lani door to the shower

Mahinui Na Lani outdoor shower

Mahinui Na Lani balcony

Mahinui Na Lani jacuzzi

Mahinui Na Lani jungle view

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