Mamilla Hotel Jerusalem - Cutting-Edge Design In The Holy CityMamilla Hotel  

Cutting-edge design is what this place is all about. That and luxury. Ok, so it’s about cutting-edge design, luxury, and holistic wellness… all in the center of the world, Jerusalem. Situated in the Mamilla corridor, a 19th Century area that connects new and old Jerusalem the best sights and shopping are right around the corner.

Your room comes with free wifi and amazing design pieces that would have been far from free. The Mirror Bar is one of Jerusalem’s favorite meeting spots. There is an extensive wine list and a rooftop restaurant to rival the best in the world. Famous architect, Moshe Safdie who is a Jerusalem native designed the hotel to merge into its historical surroundings while remaining cutting edge. His use of light is noted and he has commented that the light in Jerusalem turns “from white just after dawn into a blue topaz in the afternoon.” Now someone who understands light like that certainly knows what they are doing.

Type: Design   Luxury
Mamilla Hotel Jerusalem lobby
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Mamilla Hotel Jerusalem
Mirror Bar Jerusalem
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Mamilla Shopping Mall

Mamilla Shopping Mall
Jerusalem, The Holy City
11 King Solomon St. Jerusalem, 94182, Israel